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Our Brand



The CSM Group of Companies Brand is not just a sign, a logo or a colour, nor the advertising we do. While these are elements of a brand, an actual brand – our Brand is something much bigger and more valuable. It’s the image and reputation of the entire company. It is the reason why people choose us. It represents our ambition, performance, culture, personality, products and services and the way these are delivered. It is the sum of all the experiences people have of us.

Welcome to the CMS Group of Companies, our exciting platform where you can discover everything about our brand, its purpose, values and visual appearance – from basic brand elements to inspiration for ideas. It provides you with our purpose framework, straightforward guidelines, easy to use tools and lots of practical examples. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information at +603-5122 2588 or email us at csm_group@csmg.com.my